Lovetuner Review: Everything You Need to Know

Lovetuner Review: Everything You Need to Know

In this Lovetuner review, we take a look at a wearable mindfulness necklace that claims to reduce stress and anxiety. But do the company's claims of spiritual benefits stray a bit too far from science to be realistic? Does the Lovetuner actually work?

Some people find the Lovetuner effective for reducing stress and anxiety. Breathing out through the Lovetuner prolongs exhalation, which is known to activate the parasympathetic nervous system for calming benefits. The necklace also emits a tonal pitch which can be used as a focus object for meditation, bringing additional mental health benefits.

After trying the Lovetuner myself, I can appreciate how some people could probably benefit from using the device.

However, this product is not without its drawbacks; Keep reading to find out if the Lovetuner is worth it for you.

Lovetuner Review: Everything You Need to Know

Review of: Lovetuner

Use: Stress and Harmony Necklace


Varies greatly; Some science is sound.

Ease of Use

Very simple, but not great for public use.


Not my favorite, but many color options.


Good price compared to alternatives.

What I Like

  • Prolongs exhalation for calming effects
  • Sound functions as focus object
  • Reasonable price

What I Dislike

  • Can't use in public (loud)
  • No refund once used
  • Lots of pseudo-science

Summary: If you're into spirituality and don't care much about scientific studies, you'll probably love the company's culture and message. If you don't, you may or may not find it useful for its more practical breathwork and relaxation benefits. 

My opinion on this tool is... complicated to say the least. This makes it even more important that you really read this review to the end before you buy Lovetuner yourself!

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What is the Lovetuner?

The Lovetuner is a wearable device that aims to help people find "the frequency of love" in their lives. When exhaled through like a flute, this unique tool emits tonal sound at a specific frequency (528hz). According to the company behind Lovetuner, this frequency is meant to stimulate the body and create a sense of calm and balance.

The Lovetuner is intended for daily use as part of relaxation, meditation, or yoga sessions. It's easy to use, with no complicated instructions required - just tune into the frequency and relax. With regular use, it's intended to bring peace, harmony, and compassion into your life. I personally believe it could be useful for reducing stress and anxiety in some people.

Those are the product's goals, but does the Lovetuner actually work?

Does the Lovetuner Actually Work?

The Science Behind LoveTuner

Unlike other Lovetuner reviews, I'm going to start this one with a bit of a harsh tone (pun absolutely intended).

When I do product reviews, I am only interested in practical results:

  • I like to see scientific studies with reliable methods and sample sizes.
  • I want to discuss exactly how I think a product can actually help my readers.
  • I have no interest in pseudo-science, snake oil, or spirituality (which is great, but not what this site is about).

With that said, and this is solely my opinion: I do not buy into the primary scientific claims behind the Lovetuner.

If you check out the "Science" section on their website, it's a lot of talk about the healing powers of the 528hz frequency, plus a video demonstrating how tuning forks work. The suggestion is that steadily blowing into the Lovetuner will produce a resonant sound that your body will tune into for complete harmony and relaxation.

But here's the thing: I'm not a tuning fork, and there's no vibration that will stop me from having a panic attack the morning before going skydiving. I would have preferred to see reliable studies on the stress levels of regular users.

For me, science and spirituality do not mix. But I don't want to take that away from others. If you love the "good vibes" and "harmony" branding, you will probably love this product.

But wait - my rant isn't over yet!

Ready to give it a shot?

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Is the Lovetuner Legit?

You already know how I feel about the "science" behind the product, but I'm certainly not saying it can't have its benefits.

I just think the company missed out on highlighting the "true" benefits of the product:

  • Breathing out through the Lovetuner forces you to prolong exhalation. Prolonged exhalation is known to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system ("rest and digest" mode). This can be a great way to calm down and relax, especially when anxious, hyperventilating, or having a panic attack. [1]
  • The sound produced by the device truly is unique. While I don't believe there is anything mystically healing about the 528 Hz frequency, such a tone can be a fantastic focus object for you to draw your attention to while meditating. It almost reminds me of a Tibetan singing bowl in its function. [2]

The Lovetuner is pitched to users in a way that favors spirituality over science, there's no denying that. Yet, having read hundreds of studies on anxiety and mental health, I can immediately recognize some less obvious (but more scientific) Lovetuner benefits.

If used correctly as a focus object or to prolong exhalation, you could definitely expect some stress relief from this.

Lovetuner Pros and Cons


The main pros of the Lovetuner are its practical functions. By taking a deep breath and exhaling through the stainless steel tube, each breath should be forcibly prolonged. Like many breathing exercises, this can help you to calm down quickly, especially when anxious. The sound emitted by the device can work as a focus object, allowing you to be present and calm your racing mind. The Lovetuner is also reasonably priced compared to some competitor products out there.


The main cons of the Lovetuner are the company's pseudo-scientific brand message (for me at least), but you may disagree. Another major downside is that the device can be quite loud, making it unsuitable for use in public. Finally, the company does not offer a refund for any product that has been "used," so you can't test it before committing to the purchase.

Lovetuner vs the Shift

If you've been shopping around to find the best breathwork tool for anxiety, you've probably come across a competitor product called the Shift. The Shift, from Komuso, is a similar metal tube-based necklace that can be exhaled through to reduce anxiety via prolonged exhalation. 

The main difference between the two necklaces is that the Lovetuner makes a loud noise, whereas the Shift does not make noise (the Shift is also considerably more stylish). 

So... when it comes to the Lovetuner vs the Shift, which is the better choice?

Ask yourself: Do I want to use this device outside of my home?

If your answer to that question is yes, you may want to check out my review of Komuso Shift. Otherwise, prepare to burn some bridges with your neighbors.

komuso inscription

Love Tuner Review: Conclusion

Overall, I think the Lovetuner could be an effective tool for some people. While I don't buy into the spiritual angle behind the Lovetuner 528 Hz, I still think it can work on a more practical level for many people. The prolonged exhalation and focus object benefits are huge, provided you have the space the use it without disturbing those around you.

The waxed cotton string feels a bit cheap, but the quality and design of the stainless steel tube are pretty good. There is a good variety of colors and styles to choose from, which is another plus. I can't say it's the fashion choice I'd personally go for on a night out, but in all fairness, few stress-reducing devices are.

The Love Tuner is definitely one of those products that can divide a room. Will it invite love, spirituality, and connectedness into your life - or will the loud noise and return process cause you more stress than ever before?

That answer will depend on your own unique mental health needs. If you decide to give it a shot, let us know what you think!

Ready to give it a shot?

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