Panic Free TV Review: My Honest Thoughts

Panic Free TV Review: My Honest Thoughts

Panic Free TV is one of the most popular panic attack courses on the internet. To see if it would be a good fit and helpful for my audience, I decided to write a complete Panic Free TV Review. So, after going through each step of the course in its entirety... Is Panic Free TV worth it?

Panic Free TV is a great course for helping people who suffer from panic attacks. Most people will get a ton of value out of Michael Norman's engaging lessons and soothing demeanor. The course can be tried for as little as $1 down using the honor system. All Michael asks is that you show your support by paying the remainder if the course helps you.

I was very impressed with the course for a number of reasons. However, before you take that credit card out... there are a few things you need to know.

Review of: Panic Free TV

Use: Online Course


Most people love the course overall.


Taught via stories;
Very easy to follow.


~5 hours of content over several weeks. 


Priced fairly (Plus, try it for just $1 down).

What's Great

  • Can genuinely help a lot of people
  • No prior knowledge/experience required
  • Generous terms and bonus material

Some Potential Downsides

  • Pace could be slow for some

Summary: Most people will probably love and benefit greatly from Panic Free TV. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Panic Free TV reviews are positive. Michael offers a very generous return policy, as well as a free introductory course to sort of "try before you buy."

Whether or not this course is right for you will depend on a number of factors. To help you find the best solution, I'll break down everything you need to know before you buy! 

Just $199 ($1 Trial on Good-Faith Basis...
If it helps you, please be honest and pay to support Michael's hard work!)

Panic Free TV Review: Initial Thoughts

I went through the Panic Free TV course in its entirety.

I completed every lesson, every worksheet, every bit of bonus material.  

I'll give you my two initial takeaways upfront:

  1. This is a great course that I believe can help a lot of people with panic. But you probably already knew that, since my goal with this website is to feature helpful content, not to waste time or energy dragging anyone’s business through the mud.
  2. While there’s a lot to love about the course, how much you get out of it may depend on your own individual learning style. I’ll elaborate on this more in a bit, so keep reading to determine if it’s worth the money for you as a unique individual.

Why Panic Free TV?

The truth is, I get more emails than I can keep up with from people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. And, while I try to answer as many of these emails as possible, I’m only one person.

Having a well-made and effective course to recommend to my audience would allow me to help as many people as possible (while admittedly freeing up some of my own time from those emails).

I played around with the idea of creating my own course, but this would take months of complete focus and dedication, and a lot of my subscribers don’t need help next year:

They need help today.

So, to bring my audience relief faster, I decided to test a number of online courses for panic attacks in an attempt to find the best one already on the market.

My favorite so far? Panic Free TV. 

panic attack course review

What's Inside the Course

This course is designed to help you totally understand and end your suffering from panic attacks.

The course material is not overwhelming. Realistically, it could be completed in a few days. So, in case you’re not generally a great student, rest easy knowing that it’s no huge time commitment.

 However, to get the most out of this course, it’s recommended that you spend some time – about a week or so – to digest and implement the lessons in each section before moving on to the next.

Michael Norman, a paid-on-results therapist and the founder of Panic Free TV, starts the program by teaching the fundamentals of panic. These are foundational lessons (e.g., The White Bear Effect) based on psychological truths and research studies.

These lessons are absolutely critical for anyone seeking long-term, meaningful change… because they allow you to truly understand panic attacks on a level that is essential for eliminating them.

Michael slowly introduces new methods in each section, helping you to “touch the ghosts” of panic at a comfortable pace, rather than simply “clapping the tigers away” (If you’re scratching your head now, it’ll make a lot more sense after you take the course and see exactly I mean).

Pros and Cons of Panic Free TV

While I can’t be giving away Michael’s hard work for free, I will share my favorite highlights from the course.

What I Loved
  • Michael shows us how partial avoidance (such as “clapping the tigers away”) can reinforce and worsen our relationship with panic over time.
  • He explains how panic attacks are really just “false alarms,” often brought on or worsened by harmless bodily sensations.
  • He teaches us powerful strategies like “The 1 Word Technique,” “The Worst Fantasy Technique,” and "intentional hyperventilation" to help us face our panic attacks (I also really enjoyed his 360 Shift technique for reducing general feelings of anxiety).
  • He encourages us to “touch the ghosts” of panic, and even to seek them out, so we can really begin to understand that panic false alarms are completely harmless.
What Some People May Not Love
  • If you don't love learning lessons in the form of stories, this course probably won't be for you. Personally, I think this is a great way to help viewers remember the lessons, but, since we all learn differently, some people may not enjoy this style of learning as much. 
  • Michael is a therapist. And he speaks like a therapist. His tone of voice and delivery is very slow-paced and soothing. Some people with shorter attention spans (myself included) may need to turn the playback speed up to keep focus. 
 panic free tv reviews

Michael delivers his content at a slow and relaxing pace. While this may not be for everyone, look how many people love it!

Is Panic Free TV Worth it?

Whether or not Panic Free TV is worth it will depend entirely on your own unique needs. 

The Good News: You can start with Michael's free intro series to see if it's your cup of tea.

I think many people will really take to his teaching style, but I recognize that not everyone will.

The free intro series offers a good way to “try before you buy.” If you do like it, you can sign up for the course completely risk-free to gain access to the course for just $1 upfront, paying the remaining $198 over the next few weeks. Best of all, you'll receive a full refund if you’re not a fan.

I’ll share an affiliate link to the course below; make sure you use this link, as I’ll keep it updated with the best possible offer available at any given time.

Currently, for example, the offer includes

Current Course Bonuses:

  • $200 credit toward a 1-on-1 Call with Michael
  • One-month email access to Michael (honestly, more generous than I'd be!)
  • Worksheets throughout the program to help individualize the experience and lessons
  • The first episode of a new audio series Michael’s working on for calming anxiety

Ready to give it a shot?

Just $199 ($1 Trial on Good-Faith Basis...
If it helps you, please be honest and pay to support Michael's hard work!)

Final Thoughts: The Value of Online Courses

Sorry, but I can't help myself. 

Over the past few years, I’ve developed very, very strong feelings about the value of online courses. Not just about this online course, but about personal and professional development courses as a whole.

In fact, the two things I spend the MOST money on in any given year are software and online courses; and I'm okay with this. 

The reason why is simple: I almost always get an incredible ROI from taking these courses.

Anytime an expert in their field offers you complete access to the “secret sauce” that can save you years of trial-and-error; whether via a course, mentorship program, etc. I highly recommend you consider it.

When I was 15 years old and having panic attacks almost every day, there really were no “online panic attack courses” like this. I wish I could have spent $199 to learn in one month what took me years (plus 4-years of tuition as a psychology student) to learn on my own.

Could you figure these things out on your own through years of research, experience, and trial and error? Maybe. Should you figure these things out on your own? Maybe not.

What Have You Got to Lose?

Just $199 ($1 Trial on Good-Faith Basis...
If it helps you, please be honest and pay to support Michael's hard work!)

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