MindLax Review: Fall Asleep Faster with a High-Tech Sleep Mat?

MindLax Review: Fall Asleep Faster with a High-Tech Sleep Mat?

In this MindLax review, we'll be taking a look at a high-tech sleeping mat promising a revolutionary approach to relaxation and achieving restful sleep. I'll share my personal experience after a month of using MindLax, diving into its features, pros and cons, and ultimately, whether it's worth its hefty price tag.

MindLax Review: Is it Worth it?

Review of: MindLax

Use: High-Tech Sleeping Mat


Improves sleep for many people; not all.

Ease of Use

Very straightforward and easy to use.


Sleek and modern; Durability concerns.


Definitely not the cheapest product.

What I Like

  • Improves sleep for most users
  • No sleep medication risks
  • No subscription fees

What I Dislike

  • Expensive
  • Can't use while charging
  • Cushioning may wear over time

Summary: Many people will likely find the soothing sounds and gentle vibrations of MindLax to be aid sleep and relaxation. This can be an effective way to improve meditation and yoga sessions or to fall asleep faster and deeper than usual. 

Finding reliable and affordable sleep-aid tech can be... a nightmare, ironically. That's why I tried the MindLax sleeping mat for one month to save you the guesswork!

From $499 (Minus $100 by clicking link)

What is MindLax?

MindLax is a smart sleeping mat that claims to enhance sleep quality through soothing sounds and gentle vibrations. It's a product that straddles the line between a sleep aid and a tech gadget, priced at a considerable $500. 

While great sleep is an investment worthy of any price tag, it's important to understand whether MindLax delivers on its promise before you go whipping out your credit cards. 

MindLax Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon receiving MindLax, I was initially impressed. 

MindLax case

The unboxing was satisfying, revealing a sleek case that makes both storage and travel a breeze. 

mindlax review unboxing

Inside the case was my MindLax. As you can see, it's a sleek mat with a modern aesthetic. The build quality was more impressive than I was expecting.

The primary tech component (the part the vibrates and makes sound) is in the center of the mat, with the rechargeable battery off to the side.

Next, it was time to fire this baby up and see how it worked. 

Setup and App Interface

Setting up MindLax involves downloading the MindLax app, which boasts a sleek and user-friendly interface. The pairing process was straightforward, and I appreciated the app's modern design. However, I noticed a few areas where the app could be improved, which I'll cover later.

All in all, it took just a few minutes to dive into actually using MindLax, which started with choosing one of MindLax's two modes. 

MindLax's  Modes

MindLax features two modes: Relax mode, and Sleep mode.

Users can choose a mode based on their usage goals for the session. There are several levels to "unlock" for each mode, and they become available over time through regular use of the app. 

mindlax app relax mode

Relax Mode

Relax Mode offers 30-minute relaxation sessions, ideal for meditation or a quick stress relief break. It's a standout feature for those seeking a moment of tranquility in their busy lives. The sessions combine audio and vibrational elements to create a soothing environment.

I liked this mode and genuinely think it would help many people calm their minds and focus during a mindfulness meditation or perhaps even a yoga session. 

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode is the mode most people probably buy MindLax for. It supposedly promotes brainwave activity conducive to deep sleep. The science behind it is described a bit on the MindLax website, although I have no way to verify such data personally. 

If it works as intended, this feature could be a game-changer for those struggling with sleep initiation.

But... does it actually work?

mindlax app sleep mode

Community Feedback vs. Personal Experience

While researching MindLax, I found a largely positive reception for MindLax online. Most MindLax reviews I found online (from people on Reddit, YouTube, Kickstarter, etc.) tended to say that they were sleeping better than ever from MindLax.

reddit mindlax review 2

However, if I'm being completely honest, my experience was a bit more complicated.

I can't say that I fell asleep faster or slept dramatically better using MindLax. However, in all fairness, I tend to prefer using a sound machine over the varying noises made by the MindLax (What can I say - I'm a sucker for a good rainstorm). 

While it didn't drastically improve my sleep onset time, I did find Relax Mode beneficial for unwinding after a stressful day. It's not a huge stretch for me to imagine why other people might benefit more from MindLax. 

reddit mindlax review

MindLax Pros and Cons


  • Effectiveness for Many: Despite my mixed experience, it's MindLax clearly works well for a significant number of users, as seen in numerous online reviews and comments.
  • Safer Alternative to Medication: For those wary of sleep medications, MindLax might offer a non-pharmacological solution to sleep problems (which is far preferable in my opinion).
  • No Subscription Fees: I hate greedy tech subscription models. I appreciate that MindLax is a one-time purchase that doesn't attempt to nickle-and-dime their customers.  


  • Price: The $500 price tag is hefty, making it a considerable investment for many.
  • Can't Use While Charging: MindLax cannot be used while the battery is charging. This bummed me out a few times when I forgot to charge it in advance.
  • Durability Concerns: Some users reported a decrease in cushioning over time, which could affect comfort and the overall experience (perhaps laying a blanket over it could help). 

Suggestions for Improvement

  1. App Gamification: The concept of unlocking levels makes sense with some products, but felt arbitrary and pointless to me with MindLax. It wasn't clear to me why each level needed to be unlocked, or whether I should go back to lower levels again in the future. 
  2. Soundscapes: Naming the levels and adding more distinct soundscapes can greatly enhance user experience and recall. For example, I heard one that sounded like a river. Why not name that track "River," or something that helps the user differentiate it from the rest?
  3. Ambient Tracks: I'd imagine it would be fairly easy to add ambient tracks like "Rainstorm" to the app. Having the ability to listen to and "feel" rain through MindLax's gentle vibrations would quickly make this one of the coolest products I own. 

Who Would Benefit Most from MindLax?

If you are having a hard time getting yourself to remain present, focused, or consistent during meditation or yoga, MindLax's Relax mode might do wonders for you. 

If you are having difficulty falling asleep and don't want to rely on sleep medication (I don't blame you), MindLax's Sleep mode might do the trick.

Final Thoughts and Verdict

While I didn't have the "ideal experience" with MindLax, I have to acknowledge that I am also not the ideal customer. I don't have issues with sleep and am already pretty set in my ways with my cute little rainstorm-mimicking sound machine.

With that said, of the many other MindLax reviews I read before writing my own, most of them skewed toward the positive (and the reviews seemed legit). 

Even if it didn't do much for my sleep, most people seemed to say that the MindLax improved their sleep considerably.

The top complaint I saw had nothing to do with the efficacy of MindLax, but rather with MindLax's cushioning wearing down and becoming less comfortable over time. 

Will MindLax work for you? 

It's tough to say. 

When it comes to sleep and anxiety issues, what works for one person often does nothing for somebody else, and vice versa. 

The only way to know for sure is to think critically about what the product offers (in this case, soothing sounds and gentle vibrations). If it sounds like it might be your cup of tea - give it a shot!

MindLax currently offers a 21-day return guarantee, so there's little harm in trying it out. 

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