What’s the Best Anxiety Breathing Tool for You? (My Top 3)

What’s the Best Anxiety Breathing Tool for You? (My Top 3)

The best anxiety breathing tool for you will depend on your own unique needs.

For some people, the best breathwork device for anxiety will be one that includes many features; for others, a discreet or affordable gadget may be the priority. Let’s explore some of the best anxiety breathing tools on the market right now:

  • CalmiGo – The most effective option with the most stress-reducing features
  • Komuso Shift – The most discreet and stylish option for public use
  • LoveTuner – The most affordable option (but also quite loud)

Like a hammer or screwdriver, each breathwork tool does a different job.

Keep reading to learn more about each and decide which is right for you (Plus, use our affiliate links and coupon codes where applicable to receive a discount on your order)!

What’s the Best Anxiety Breathing Tool for You?

Most Effective Anxiety Breathing Tool: CalmiGo

What is it: CalmiGo is a handheld “Smart Calming Companion.” While it looks a bit like an inhaler, it doesn’t actually spray anything. Instead, you breathe in through your nose and exhale through CalmiGo. The device will provide multi-sensory stimulation (lights and vibrations) to help you pace your breathing and tell you when each exhale is complete. Prolonged exhalation is a scientifically proven way to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and calm down.

CalmiGo tops this list as the most effective anxiety breathing tool due to its multi-featured approach toward stress and anxiety reduction. In addition to slowing your respiratory rate, it also includes scented plates (lavender, bergamot, citrus) to further induce relaxation.

Review of: CalmiGo

Use: Smart Calming Companion


Tackles anxiety in 3 different ways.

Ease of Use

Sensory feedback is provided.


Intuitive but not the most discreet.


Not cheap, but still worth it.

What I Like

  • Works extremely well for anxiety
  • Incorporates aromatherapy
  • Makes breathwork easy

What I Dislike

  • Looks like an inhaler; not discreet
  • Somewhat expensive

Summary: CalmiGo can be useful for someone experiencing anxiousness or panic attacks. This is due to CalmiGo’s key features: Relaxing scents, breathing regulation, and multi-sensory stimulation. The device can become more effective for users with repeated use and familiarity.

That’s the short story; but we’ve still got a lot more to cover in this CalmiGo review.

From $199 (Minus $30 with Discount Code: DONTPANIC)

Who It’s Best for:

  • People who are looking for the most effective way to reduce anxiety via breathwork pacing, multisensory stimulation, and aromatherapy.
  • People who suffer from moderate to severe anxiety or panic attacks
  • People with a bit more money to spend

Most Discreet Anxiety Breathwork Tool: Komuso Shift

What is it: Komuso Shift is a wearable breathwork tool that is both discreet and stylish. Essentially, it’s a metal tube worn around the neck and exhaled through when you’re feeling anxious. The purpose of the device is to reduce stress by prolonging exhalation.

Komuso Shift is by far the most discreet option on this list, making it the best option for those planning to use their device in public. Since it’s disguised as a stylish necklace, most people will take no notice of you gently exhaling through the necklace to soothe anxiety.

Review of: Komuso Shift

Use: Anxiety-Reducing Necklace


Longer exhalation reduces anxiety.

Ease of Use

Just exhale through the Shift.


Sleek and discreet for public use.


Nicer, but pricier than competitors.

What I Like

  • Doesn't look like an anxiety device
  • Genuinely stylish and discreet
  • Makes breathwork easy

What I Dislike

  • Somewhat expensive

Summary: The Komuso Shift is a worthwhile investment that helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It works by prolonging exhalation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. While the initial investment may deter some, this necklace is in a class of its own with regard to combining function and style.

While I was impressed by the Komuso Shift, it may not necessarily be for everyone. Be sure to read to the end to make sure this investment is worth your while!

From $85 (15% off with Code: DONTPANIC)

Who It’s Best for:

  • People who need a simple breathwork tool they can use in public
  • People who suffer from social anxiety or claustrophobia
  • People on a mid-range budget

Most Affordable Anxiety Breathwork Tool: LoveTuner

What is it: The LoveTuner is another stress-reducing wearable necklace. Worn around the neck, the LoveTuner can be exhaled through to reduce stress and anxiousness. Breathing through the device also emits a loud sound at 528hz frequency; what the company calls “the love frequency.”

While I don’t buy into the pseudo-scientific spiritual functions of the device, the noise could still serve as an effective focus object for meditation. Just don’t plan on using the LoveTuner in public, as it’s quite noisy and attention-grabbing.

Review of: Lovetuner

Use: Stress and Harmony Necklace


Varies greatly; Some science is sound.

Ease of Use

Very simple, but not great for public use.


Not my favorite, but many color options.


Good price compared to alternatives.

What I Like

  • Prolongs exhalation for calming effects
  • Sound functions as focus object
  • Reasonable price

What I Dislike

  • Can't use in public (loud)
  • No refund once used
  • Lots of pseudo-science

Summary: If you're into spirituality and don't care much about scientific studies, you'll probably love the company's culture and message. If you don't, you may or may not find it useful for its more practical breathwork and relaxation benefits. 

My opinion on this tool is... complicated to say the least. This makes it even more important that you really read this review to the end before you buy Lovetuner yourself!

From $66 (Minus 10% with Coupon Code: DONTPANIC)

Who It’s Best for:

  • People who want to use spirituality as a coping mechanism for anxiety
  • People who have plenty of space and privacy to use the device (it’s loud)
  • People working with a lower budget

Conclusion: Overall Best Anxiety Breathing Tool

The best anxiety breathing tool will, of course, depend on your own unique needs.

  • If your anxiety is severe and you want as much help as you can get, I’d go with the CalmiGo.
  • If you want a device you can use discreetly in public, I’d go with the Komuso Shift.
  • If you’re on a budget and hate your neighbors, I’d go with the LoveTuner.

If you’re looking for a simple answer and just want me to decide for you, I’d start with the CalmiGo. Since it provides the most functions and feedback, it can help you quickly get your anxiety under control and understand what works best for you.

Reminder: None of these devices are cheap. Be sure to scroll up to your favorite and use my link/coupon code to save yourself a few bucks.

Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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