Apollo Neuro Review: Is it Legit?

Apollo Neuro Review: Is it Legit?

For this Apollo Neuro review, I tested the popular stress relief band for several months. I wanted to see whether or not the Apollo Neuro wearable could really be used to reduce stress and anxiety while improving sleep. So, after many hours of use, is the Apollo Neuro legit?

Review of: Apollo Neuro

Use: Stress-Reducing Wearable


Reduces stress for most people.

Ease of Use

App is extremely easy and intuitive.


Sleek and discreet. Easily worn in public.


Expensive, but best product in its class.

What I Like

  • Aesthetic design; can be worn in public
  • Vibrations are quiet and not distracting
  • Reduces stress for most people

What I Dislike

  • Expensive
  • Battery life could be better

Summary: Many people will likely find the rhythmic vibrations of the Apollo Neuro wearable to be soothing and calming; much like a warm shower or a hug from a friend. This can be an effective way to passively reduce anxiety and stress while preparing us for better sleep.

Finding reliable and affordable stress-relief gadgets can be... stressful, ironically. That's why I tried the Apollo wearable device for one month to save you the guesswork!

From $399 (Minus 10% by clicking link)

Apollo Neuro Review: First Impressions

This product caught my attention after seeing many positive Apollo Neuro reviews online.

However, I definitely approached this wearable device with a healthy degree of skepticism. I tried a similar gadget in the past and really didn’t love it. Nevertheless, I decided to wear the device myself before passing judgment.

Unboxing Apollo Neuro

Straight out of the box, I had a few first impressions:

  1. You get what you pay for. The Neuro isn’t cheap, and the quality of the device shows. The cheaper competitor products I’ve tried feel like kids’ toys compared to the Neuro.
  2. The device is refreshingly discreet. It looks like a fitness tracker rather than an attention-grabbing medical device. I’d have no problem wearing this in public.
unboxing apollo neuro

A clip is also included in the box, so you can place Apollo within your shirt, sock, or waistband.

So far, so good.

Time to sync this bad boy up to the Apollo app and get started.

Exploring the Apollo Neuro App

Getting started with the Apollo Neuro app was so simple, I won’t waste time explaining it. Download the Apollo Neuro app, sync to the device via Bluetooth, and you’re set.

Much like the design of the device, I was also immediately impressed by the Apollo app.

It’s sleek and simple enough to dive right in with no learning curve, but also deep enough to allow customization based on your goals.

Currently, it offers the following preset Apollo programs:

  1. Energy and Wake Up (I use this mode for 5-30 minutes to start my day)
  2. Social and Open (Apollo Neuro recommends this mode for social anxiety)
  3. Clear and Focused (I use this mode on Apollo all day to get work done)
  4. Rebuild and Recover (The Apollo team recommends this for performance)
  5. Meditation and Mindfulness (Apollo actively uses this for easier meditation)
  6.  Relax and Unwind (Apollo's feature for chilling out and managing stress)
  7. Sleep and Renew (I use this mode for 2hrs as I fall asleep)
apollo neuro app

You can choose any frequency based on your desired effects and each program delivers a different pattern of rhythmic vibration. You can set the duration and intensity, plus track progress and consistency over time. Firmware updates suggest new modes could be added in the future. 

What I really loved: Once you’re set up, you really never have to touch a button on the device again. You can fully control the device from the app itself.

I used it for 5+ hours a day, for over a month. I experimented with each of the app’s programs to test the effectiveness of each of the company’s stated benefits in various stressful situations.

Let's take a moment to check out some of those potential benefits.

Apollo Neuro Benefits

Chronic stress and anxiety wreak havoc on our nervous system. The more often we enter fight-or-flight mode, the easier it becomes for our sympathetic nervous system (which makes us anxious) to activate in response to stress.

Apollo claims to reverse this process by stimulating and retraining the nervous system in a positive way. This makes it easier for our parasympathetic nervous system (which calms us) to activate quickly. Apollo aims to improve our ability to relax and is intended to help reduce stress.

The company behind Apollo, Apollo Neuroscience, boasts the following benefits of Apollo Neuro:

  • Fall Asleep Faster and Wake up Energized
  • Help You Manage Stress and Anxiousness
  • Enhancing Performance and Recovery
  • Boosting Focus and Sociability
  • Increasing HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

This all sounds nice on paper… but does it actually work?

Does Apollo Neuro Work?

Easily the most important question in this Apollo review… Does Apollo Neuro work?

This is always a tricky question with anxiety and stress-reducing devices. Not only are stress and anxiety incredibly subjective and hard to measure, the best methods to decrease them always vary wildly from person to person.

My experience with the device: Subtle, but effective.

What I really appreciated most was how discreet and easy to use the gadget is. I’m wearing it in a café as I write this review of Apollo Neuro, and no one notices it. Even at maximum intensity, the vibrations Apollo delivers are not audible or distracting.

I did feel like it improved my sleep and focus while decreasing stress. I felt these effects were subtle rather than mind-blowing, but I always advocate using every advantage at our disposal to improve mental health. As passive and discreet as this gadget is, it’d be silly not to try it.

Ready to give it a shot?

From $399 (Minus 10% by clicking link)

But again, I’m just one person. That’s why it’s valuable to consider the studies.

Research into the Neuro Found:

  • 6% average increase in total sleep in a study of 582 Apollo wearable users
  • 10% average HRV increase and 25% increase in focus and concentration among 38 users
  • 40% less stress and anxiety (on average) in a study on 12 nurses
  • 50% faster access to a meditative state among 25 non-regular meditators
  • 10% average faster physical recovery and higher HRV among 40 college athletes
  • Improved PTSD symptoms after two weeks of use among 16 subjects

These are just some of the benefits found through formal studies. I didn’t want to bore you too much, but you can dive into these studies on your own.

If science isn’t your thing, we can also look at what the other Apollo reviews are saying.

More Apollo Neuro Reviews: What are Other People Saying?

I often like to check Reddit for some insight into other peoples’ honest experiences with products. In doing so this time, I found no shortage of product reviews.

The vast majority of comments seem to be positive Apollo Neuro reviews:

apollo neuro reddit

Browsing the Apollo Neuro Reddit thread for a while shows Apollo users finding all sorts of neat uses for the device. There’s little doubt it can be effective for a lot of people.

There are some negative Apollo Neuro reviews of course, but they’re rare. Users who didn’t like the Neuro seemed to feel the device was too subtle to be effective for their situations.

But let’s back up for a minute here. What is the Apollo Neuro, anyway?

What is the Apollo Neuro?

Apollo is a wearable device that reduces stress. It looks a bit like a watch or fitness tracker but is actually intended to calm us down and help us relax, socialize, or sleep. The device is paired with the app so you can select the routine that aligns with your goals.

Strapped to the wrist or ankle, Apollo emits subtle and rhythmic vibrations to affect our nervous system. This can help improve health metrics like HRV and stress levels. Over time, it can make it easier for our body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and relax.

But all this can sound a bit too good to be true… how does it actually work?

How Does Apollo Neuro Work?

Have you ever noticed feeling more euphoric after taking a warm shower, hugging a loved one, or petting a cute puppy?

Certain physical sensations have a direct and powerful effect on the brain. These feelings can help us relax, boost our mood, or even improve cognitive function. You can think of it as a form of touch therapy.

Apollo uses vibrations to deliver similar results.

When used for several hours a day, the Neuro can improve sleep, focus, and HRV, while reducing stress and anxiety. Repeated use can make these effects more profound over time. You can adjust the intensity and duration as needed.

But are there any side effects of Apollo Neuro?

Ready to give it a shot?

From $399 (Minus 10% by clicking link)

Apollo Neuro Side Effects

According to Dr. David Rabin (the MD behind the Apollo), the Apollo Neuro is safe and has no side effects. In fact, even kids can use it.

It is non-addictive, so you should not become dependent on it over time. It should also become more effective over time, rather than less effective; unlike most anxiety medications.

Of course, mental health issues can be extremely complicated and unique from person to person. If you decide to give it a try and notice any strange or undesired effects, you should absolutely speak to a doctor before continuing use.

Apollo Neuro Competitors: Cheaper Alternatives?

Apollo Neuro vs Touchpoint

The closest thing I’ve found to Apollo Neuro is a wearable called the Touchpoint Solution.

Like Apollo, Touchpoints strap onto the wrist or ankle and vibrate to try and relax the user.

You can check out my full review of Touchpoints here, but truthfully, I didn’t love them. They felt cheaply made and far less refined than the Apollo Neuro device. They were obnoxiously loud with bright lights that draw unwanted attention. I returned mine, knowing they wouldn’t be used.

Apollo isn't anywhere near as loud or annoying. Apollo is much more expensive but absolutely worth the extra cost. But feel free to compare the two yourself.

apollo neuro alternatives

Apollo Neuro vs Whoop

Many people ask how the Neuro compares to Whoop, but this is comparing apples to oranges.

The Neuro is a wearable device that emits vibrations to calm the nervous system.

The Whoop is a fitness tracker that does not affect the user's mood or body. Instead, it tracks health metrics like HRV, resting heart rate, strain, and calories burnt. It's not a device like Apollo; it's more like an Apple watch if anything.

Both are super cool devices, but completely different things.

Conclusion: Is Apollo Neuro Legit?

From my experience using Apollo Neuro every day for over a month, I’ve got to say…

The Apollo Neuro is legit.

It may not work for everyone, and it may not deliver absolutely profound results… but I do think Apollo will help most people at least a little bit. It’s certainly worth a try.

For whatever reason, I find myself continually using the device, even though my experiment is over. Some subconscious part of me just wants to keep using it, and I can only take that as a sign that my brain is liking the Neuro.

Of course, no device is perfect. There are a few pros and cons to keep in mind.

Pros and Cons of Apollo Neuro


  • Decreases Stress and Anxiety
  • Improves Sleep and HRV
  • Aids Focus and Concentration
  • Helps Socialization and Mood
  • Super Sleek and Discreet Design
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use App
  • Passive Results that Stack Over Time


  • Expensive (Coupon Below)  
  • Battery Life (6-8hrs of Use)

Is Apollo Neuro Worth it?

If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety or having sleep issues, I feel it's worth a try. I won’t claim that it’ll absolutely crush anxiousness overnight, but I think it can be a valuable piece in the overall puzzle of mental health. Small, cumulative measures like this add up fast.

While the price isn’t cheap, I’ve tried the cheaper alternatives and they were just… not good.

Fortunately, Apollo Neuroscience offers a full refund after trying the product for 30 days. My vote is to give it a shot, as you can always send it back risk-free if you don’t love it.

Even better news, you can get 10% off your order when you buy Apollo Neuro through this link (I may earn a small commission at no cost to you).

Ready to give it a shot?

From $399 (Minus 10% by clicking link)

Tips for Using the Apollo Neuro Wearable

  • Apollo recommends keeping intensity between 20-40%. As long as you wear the Apollo and feel the vibrations, it should be working. The battery will also last longer this way.
  • Set the length of time to the maximum. Since results are passive and benefits build over time, there's no reason not to.
  • Utilize the schedule features. This will help create consistency so you stick with it.
  • Experiment with each mode. You may find yourself liking one more than the rest.
  • Don't give up. You'll probably see benefits increase over time with repeated use. You got this!


How Much Does Apollo Neuro Cost?

The Apollo Neuro sells for about $399. You can save 10% by purchasing through this link.

What is Apollo Neuro's Return Policy?

Apollo Neuroscience offers a risk-free 30-day return policy.

How do I Wear Apollo Neuro?

Wear the Apollo device by securing the strap to either your wrist or ankle. I don't usually wear the Apollo around my ankle, since it's discreet enough to wear around the wrist. The two buttons on the side can be used to adjust intensity.

What Does Apollo Neuro Feel Like?

The gentle vibrations are relaxing without being distracting. To me, it feels a bit like a cat purring on your wrist. Even at maximum intensity, I sleep well without being bothered by the device.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The battery should last about 6-8 hours of use between charges. This estimate can vary depending on the intensity and mode you choose. If not used, the battery could hold a charge for several days.

Does Apollo Come in Different Colors?

Apollo comes in 6 different colors currently: Stealth, Silver, Twilight, Snow, Glacier, and Rose.

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