Chill Chair Review: Everything You Need to Know

Chill Chair Review: Everything You Need to Know

In this Chill Chair review, we’ll be checking out a new massaging office chair that claims to reduce stress and tension while boosting productivity and focus. If this functional piece of furniture lives up to the hype, it could be a game changer for work-from-home professionals around the world. So… is the Chill Chair worth it?

Review of: Chill Chair

Use:  Massaging Office Chair


Extremely relaxing and comfortable.

Ease of Use

Simple-to-use concealed remote.


Sleek and stylish. Four color options.


Expensive but the quality shows.

What I Like

  • Relieves tension in the neck and back
  • Reduces stress, anxiousness, irritability
  • Insanely comfortable and stylish

What I Dislike

  • Expensive

Summary: This is probably the most comfortable chair I've ever used. Sitting at a desk all day, I feel better knowing I can passively break down muscle knots from stress, strengthen my neck with better posture, and focus better from the rhythmic vibrations. 

Being comfortable would have been enough, but this chair has also helped boost my productivity. The in-seat massage is almost meditative, helping me enter flow state quickly.

From $1399

Chill Chair Review: My Experience

Why am I trying the Chill Chair?

Let’s address the elephant in the room.

This is a mental health blog, not a furniture blog. So why am I writing a Chill Chair review?

Being a work-from-home professional for the past few years, I’ll admit:

My posture has been suffering,
and I’m carrying a ton of muscle tension. 

Many hours hunched over at my desk have me putting far too much strain on my neck. I figured it’d be better to nip this in the bud than to wind up looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame in a few years.

Plus, stress on the body naturally leads to stress on the mind. Knots in your back, a curved neck, or a bent spine can quickly and sneakily contribute to mental health issues like anxiety via systemic stress.

I’m all about staying on top of my wellness game and finding passive solutions to mental health issues. If said solution happens to involve a daily back massage and booty rub, even better.

So, what’s the Chill Chair actually do?

Chill Chair Benefits and Features

The main benefits of Chill Chair (for me):

  • Relieve muscle tension throughout the body; reduce neck and back pain
  • Increase productivity, boost focus, and enter flow state more easily
  • Calm anxiousness, nervousness, or jitters

It’s easy to imagine how a massage chair like this could relax you while working or gaming.
It’s quite another thing to actually wrap your head around how well this chair works.

Because I consider myself a man of science, we will explore the science behind Chill Chair’s benefits later in the article. For now, to avoid boring you, let’s first cover some of the main features of the Chill Chair.

Feature #1: Deep Tissue Massage Rollers for the Back and Neck

The main reason to buy Chill Chair is, obviously, its relaxing massage features.

How many hours per day do you spend sitting at your desk (or playing video games)?
What if those same hours were also spent getting an incredible massage?

Whether you’ve got knotted muscles or just need a little human (er, machine) touch in your life, the Chill Chair has got your back (pun absolutely intended)!

I was really impressed with the eight different massage modes built into Chill Chair. The rollers can be moved manually via a concealed control panel (remote) in the armrest. No matter where my tension points were, the Chill Chair always seemed to reach where I needed it to.

chill chair remote

Feature #2: Booty Rubs for Days

No massage is complete without a good booty rub.

Vibrations in the seat itself help target the lower body, reducing stress and tension further.

The vibrating seat massage is a really cool and unique feature, and I’m not mad about it.

Feature #3: Rechargeable Battery

Chill Chair comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts about three hours while the massage features are being used. Realistically, this is more than enough time for me.

I don’t have to worry about having a long cord running across my living room if I decide to use the Chill Chair away from my desk. I also don’t have to worry about blowing a fortune on replacement batteries.

This one’s a win.

chill chair zero gravity recline

Feature #4: Zero Gravity Recline

Chill Chair’s zero gravity recline is probably my unexpectedly favorite feature.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that, with such a sleek design, the Chill Chair has an adjustable footrest hidden beneath it. This can be extended, and the chair leaned back, to create the feeling of “floating.” If you suffer from any pain in your joints, you’ll love this feature.

I like to recline it just slightly while working to take some of the stress off my neck.

I also love this feature for kicking back and watching a movie. It’s so comfortable I could fall asleep on it more easily than on my couch.

Ready to give it a shot?

From $1399

Chill Chair Reviews: What are Other People Saying?

Forget my personal opinion for a bit. What are other Chill Chair reviews saying?

While it’s still a relatively new product and the company is still proving itself, most Chill Chair reviews have been overwhelmingly positive so far:

chill chair reviews

Still, this is not a cheap product. In case the other Chill Chair reviews or I have steered you wrong, fortunately, the company offers a 90-day risk-free return policy.

Where to Buy Chill Chair?

Chill Chair starts at $1399 and can be purchased for the best price here.

Chill Chair Color Options:

Chill Chair currently comes in four different color options: Black, white, blue, and orange.

chill chair color options

The Chill Chair design is incredibly sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

Not that anyone reading this cares, but I think the blue option is the coolest.

The Science: How Does Chill Chair Work?

Like I said before, this is a mental health blog. Unlike other Chill Chair reviews, I can’t just casually brag about my latest functional furniture upgrade without putting a scientific spin on it.

How Massages Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Did you know that smiling (even fake smiling) can reduce psychological and physical stress levels? [1]

That’s because the brain takes cues from the body. When the body seems relaxed, happy, or at ease, the brain takes this as a hint that all is well; it’s safe to let our guard down. Similarly, when the body seems tense or uptight, the brain takes this as a hint that something’s wrong; we should be cautious.

When bad posture, long work hours, and stress cause our muscles to tense up and form knots, it takes a toll on our mental health. We slowly become more anxious and irritable than usual, sometimes without even knowing the change is taking place.

It’s not surprising that studies consistently find massage therapy to be effective for reducing stress and anxiety while increasing alertness and cognitive performance. [2][3]

I couldn’t find any research on booty rubs, but anecdotal data suggests that good things follow those as well.  

Chill Chair Review: Conclusion

The Chill Chair isn’t cheap, but fortunately, the price is reflected in the quality of the product.

While it’s absolutely been worth it for me, there are some questions you may wish to ask yourself to decide if it’s right for you:

  1.  How many hours per day do you sit hunched over a desk (or video game controller)?
  2. Are you developing muscle knots, a hump in your neck, or pain in your back?
  3. How often are you able to go for a massage to relieve accumulated muscle tension?
  4. Do you often feel stressed out, anxious, or irritable?

If you’ve got perfect posture, no muscle knots or back pain, and no anxiousness or irritability; you may not need the Chill Chair. If you have the time and money to see a massage therapist or masseuse on a weekly basis, you may not need the Chill Chair.

But if any of those questions struck a chord with you like they did with me, you may find, like I did, that the Chill Chair can be an incredible and worthwhile investment.

Ready to give it a shot?

From $1399

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