Looking for the perfect anxiety device to reduce stress and promote relaxation?

The good news is... there are a ton of options!
The bad news is... there are a ton of options.

So, what is the best anxiety device for you?

The best anxiety device is going to vary greatly from person to person. Due to the highly individual nature of anxiety, what works great at calming one person down may do absolutely nothing for someone else. The best way to figure out what works for you is to try things from different categories and see how you respond to them.

After all... your mental health is a worthwhile investment, and you can always take advantage of those return policies if need be!

Lucky for you, I've spent hundreds of hours and dollars researching and testing anxiety devices: So you don't have to! 

Here are a few of my favorites. Be sure to let me know what you think of them!

My 2 Favorite Kinds of Anxiety Devices

Breathwork Tools

Breathwork is an extremely important component of anxiety relief. While breathwork is something you can practice on your own if you're on a budget, these tools help make the practice and timing easier. In general, these work by helping you to prolong exhalation, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system to calm us down from panic mode.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Devices

The vagus nerve is the main nerve in our parasympathetic nervous system. Gently stimulating this nerve can help us to enter "rest and digest" mode and relax. Without requiring much thought, these devices help us calm down by doing just that. 

These are my 2 personal favorite categories of anxiety devices. In a moment, I'll recommend a few of my favorite options in each category. I've reached out to the manufacturers to receive coupons and discounts for my audience where possible, so feel free to click the affiliate links for extra savings!

calmigo review

CalmiGo Smart Calming Companion

The CalmiGo is an electronic breathwork tool that you exhale through to prolong exhalation and induce relaxation. CalmiGo uses multi-sensory stimulation (indicator lights and vibrations) to let you know when each breath cycle is optimal and complete.

This feature-packed Swiss army knife of breathwork tools also includes a scented feature (aromatherapy). The currently available scents are bergamot, peppermint, and lavender (I like lavender best). 

komuso review summary

Komuso Shift

The Komuso Shift is a powerful breathwork tool disguised as a simple, stylish necklace. Like most breathwork devices, the user can exhale through the Shift to prolong exhalation and feel calmer within minutes. 

The main benefit of the Shift versus other breathwork devices is how discreet it is. Rather than drawing attention like a medical device or hyperventilating into a paper bag, the Shift allows us to calm down in the coolest way possible. 

neuvana xen review cover

Neuvana Xen

The Neuvana Xen is a tVNS device that delivers gentle electrical impulses through the included earbuds to stimulate the vagus nerve and induce relaxation by way of the parasympathetic nervous system. 

While it may take some getting used to (I found using it to be a bit ticklish at first), this is one of the best options available if you want a truly passive solution to anxiety. Sync the device to your phone and trigger relaxation in minutes while listening to music or just meditating. 

unboxing apollo neuro

Apollo Neuro

The Apollo Neuro is a wearable stress relief device that's hard not to love. It reminds me of a vagus nerve stimulation device, but it actually works a bit differently.

Worn on the wrist, the Neuro delivers soothing vibrational rhythms shown to decrease stress and anxiety while improving HRV, focus, and mood. When synced to the app, you can choose from a variety of preset programs depending on your desired effects.

Apollo Neuro can help with sleep, focus, sociability, anxiousness, and more. While I love using it to help me fall asleep, I love using it to wake up even more (energetic vibrations > alarm clocks)!

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