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Phenibut for Anxiety Symptom Relief

Phenibut is a GABA-boosting supplement sold over-the-counter and online for stress relief in the US.

GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotrasmitter in the brain responsible for helping us to calm down and relax after a stressful situation. This makes phenibut for anxiety symptom relief a great choice for anyone suffering from fear or nervousness. 

Phenibut is not intended for daily use. However, it can be extremely useful when used occasionally and in particularly stressful or fear-inducing situations. 

The first time I tried phenibut for anxiety symptom relief I felt incredibly relaxed, upbeat, and euphoric. I felt fearless, and actively wanted to start friendly conversations with complete strangers. My friends (who were also trying phenibut for the first time) just giggled and kicked a soccerball around the yard like children for an hour after class. 

I recommend phenibut to my own friends and family whenever they're nervous about an upcoming event or situation. Personally, I've found it to be a lifesaver for decreasing my symptoms of anxiety before giving a speech or meeting a new girlfriend's family.

- Tyler Ellis

Phenibut is perfect for...

First Dates

Many users report feeling more euphoric and social on phenibut. The perfect combo for making a great first impression!

Job Interviews

Taking phenibut for stress relief can provide incredible results. Walk into your next job interview with unrivaled confidence.


People often use phenibut for anxiety symptoms like nervousness and jitters. Speak confidently and make an impact!

Where Can I Buy Phenibut?

Phenibut can be purchased online in most countries, including the U.S. Give our favorite supplier a try.

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The Benefits of Phenibut


  • Feelings of euphoria, positivity, and bliss.
  • Potentially massive reduction in fear or stress levels.
  • Pro-social boost that makes you want to talk and socialize (even with strangers)!
  • No prescription needed in most countries
  • Extremely affordable vs similar alternatives


  • Not intended to be used more than twice per week.
  • Can be addictive if taken too often or abused; tolerance and dependence may occur.
  • May take a while to "kick in." (2-3 hours onset)

Is Phenibut Right for Me?

You should only buy phenibut for anxiety symptom relief if you plan to use phenibut responsibly. Phenibut can be an incredible tool for helping people relax through stressful situations, but it is a powerful supplement and should be treated with respect. Because of the long onset of phenibut (2-3 hours), it is often most useful when taken in advance of an upcoming stressful situation. This makes it great for first dates, job interviews, presentations, etc.

What is the Best Phenibut Dosage?

Phenibut dosage is a tricky question, since everyone is built differently and has different goals in mind. Whether using phenibut for anxiety symptom relief or something else, you should follow the phenibut dosage instructions given by the provider you buy phenibut from. You should speak with your doctor to rule out the possibility of drug interactions or personal health risks. 

General "Phenibut Dosage" Rules of Thumb: 

  • Start low and go slow. If it's your first time using phenibut, assess tolerance with a minimum dose.
  • Never consume more than 2 grams of phenibut in any 24-hour period. 
  • Never consume phenibut more than twice per week.
  • Don't ever use phenibut in conjunction with alcohol or anti-anxiety medications. 

How Long for Phenibut to Kick in?

Most people feel phenibut kick in after about two to three hours; more experienced users may recognize its onset a bit earlier; around the one-hour mark. It seems to peak somewhere around four hours after initial consumption. 

Many users seem to consume phenibut on an empty stomach, believing that it may kick in faster this way. 

How Long for Phenibut to Kick in
how long does phenibut last

How Long Does Phenibut Last?

Phenibut tends to last about five to six hours before the effects start to noticeably decrease. The half life of phenibut is about 5.3 hours. This means that 5.3 hours after your first phenibut dosage the active phenibut in your system will be reduced to 50% its initial volume. 

Because phenibut tends to take a while to kick in, many users like to "split" or "stagger" their phenibut dosage. Often taking half the phenibut dose upfront and the other half two hours or so later. This strategy can provide a longer "peak" to get people through stressful situations. 

Because the half life of phenibut is 5.3 hours, the effects of phenibut may linger on into the following day. This is often described as a pleasant "afterglow" rather than a "hangover."

Phenibut HCl vs FAA

Phenibut HCL vs FAA

Before you decide to buy phenibut for anxiety symptom relief, you'll need to decide which type of phenibut is right for you:

Phenibut HCl vs FAA?

To keep things simple: For most people, phenibut HCl will be the better choice versus phenibut FAA. 

Both should work the same on stress levels; however, phenibut FAA has a different pH level that allows it be consumed sublingually. Unfortunately, this feature often comes with a higher price tag that simply isn't justified for the average user. 

Unless you absolutely hate the taste of phenibut powder and can't swallow pills, phenibut HCl is likely the better option. 

Ready to Crush Your Fears
With Phenibut?

Now that you know how to use phenibut for anxiety symptoms and stress relief, why not give it a try? Our favorite supplier was kind enough to provide a discount for our readers!

laugh with friends panic attack

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