Liftmode Phenibut Review: The Best Place to Buy Phenibut?

Liftmode Phenibut Review: The Best Place to Buy Phenibut?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of November 2023, Liftmode no longer sells phenibut. In other words, don't even waste your time reading this old article. Fortunately, you can still purchase phenibut from this trusted source (better yet, they ship to more countries worldwide). Be smart and safe!

Thinking about trying phenibut for the first time but not sure which brand to go with? You've probably heard about Liftmode Phenibut, one of the most popular sources to go through to buy phenibut online. In this Liftmode phenibut review, we’ll answer the question, is Liftmode Phenibut worth buying?

Review of: Liftmode Phenibut

Use: Stress Relief Drug


Best stress drug  I've ever tried.


COAs readily available on site.


Can shop bulk & other products


Great price versus any competitors. 

What I Like

  • Absolutely crushes my stress
  • Less side effects than many drugs
  • Pro-social and euphoric

What I Dislike

  • Must be used sparingly (addictive)
  • Bad withdrawals if abused

Summary: Liftmode phenibut is a high-quality supplement that can help to reduce stress and fearfulness. Liftmode is well known for the purity and effectiveness of their products, and they offer fast and reliable customer service. Phenibut from Liftmode is worth buying for anyone looking to occasionally decrease stress.

I’ve used phenibut almost every month since I first tried it back in 2013. I’ve used many different brands of phenibut: Liftmode phenibut is my favorite. 

From $30 (Minus 10% with Coupon Code: DONTPANIC)

What Does Phenibut Do?

First things first: Let’s quickly discuss what phenibut actually does.

Phenibut is most commonly marketed for its incredible stress relief properties. In fact, it was originally created to help Russian cosmonauts handle the psychological pressures of working in outer space. Today, people tend to use phenibut to help them relax or decrease any feelings of fearfulness in stressful situations.

As I mentioned earlier, I have personally used this supplement since 2013. Since discovering it, I’ve been sure to keep some on hand at all times. For me, phenibut is the most effective way to decrease mild, moderate, or severe stress and nervousness. When taking phenibut I feel euphoric, calmer, and more sociable. 

Some of the situations I’ve found phenibut to be most effective for include:

Many of my fears and worries have been centered around social situations, so this is where I find phenibut to be most useful in my personal life. Your personal stressors could be completely different than mine, but it’s still probably worth giving phenibut a try and seeing how it can affect your mood and confidence in different situations.

Phenibut is also used by some to help with sleep for occasional restless nights; I have personally never used phenibut for this purpose, and cannot speak to its efficacy in this regard.

liftmode phenibut ingredients
liftmode phenibut instructions

Liftmode Phenibut Review

Generally speaking, phenibut for stress relief and mood-boosting benefits should be effective for most people. But let’s take a closer look at Liftmode phenibut, in particular. Does Liftmode phenibut work? Is it any good? How does it compare to other brands?

To answer these questions, we’ll be evaluating five main factors:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Purity
  3. Convenience
  4. Price
  5. Customer Service

Let’s dive in.


Does Liftmode phenibut work?
I’ve taken Liftmode phenibut many times myself, and each time I’ve taken it the results have been the same: Liftmode phenibut is consistently able to decrease my stress, nervousness, and fear. It makes me feel more upbeat, positive, and sociable. I am better able to enjoy the simple things in life and, better yet, I am better able to manage the more difficult situations life throws at me. Because phenibut is not intended as a daily-use supplement, I like to save it for when I really need it.

How does the effectiveness of Liftmode phenibut stack up to competitor products?
Frankly, just about every phenibut brand I’ve ever tried has worked for me. It’s not a particularly expensive supplement to manufacture, so I assume a company would have very little to gain by cutting corners and offering a reduced quality substance for sale. Like most phenibut out there, Liftmode phenibut works great.

Effectiveness Score: 


Whenever you purchase a lab-made supplement online, it’s understandable that you may have some concerns about where the product is coming from and how pure it is. Whatever company you decide to purchase phenibut from, it’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for.

Liftmode boasts a phenibut purity level of 99% or higher. Batches of Liftmode phenibut are routinely HPLC tested by 3rd-party laboratories to assess product purity on a molecular level. If a supplement company does not readily provide COAs (Certificate of Analysis) for their products, this would be a major red flag to me and raise safety and purity concerns.

One of the things I like about Liftmode is their transparency with their products. They typically include a COA document along with your order so that you can see the lab results for yourself. Additionally, COAs for Liftmode products can be found here.

Purity Score: 


There are various methods of consuming phenibut, and these methods need to be taken into consideration by consumers before they purchase phenibut. The options you have are phenibut FAA vs phenibut HCL, and phenibut powder vs phenibut capsules.

Liftmode Phenibut FAA vs Phenibut HCl
The difference between phenibut FAA and phenibut HCl is mostly in their chemical structure. For the average user, the main thing you need to know is that phenibut FAA has a higher pH level, making it more suitable to take sublingually. Phenibut HCl is more acidic, making the phenibut taste more bitter and sour. Phenibut FAA is often more expensive than phenibut HCl. Both phenibut HCl and phenibut FAA should affect users in the same way with regard to decreasing stress, increasing mood, and aiding in sleep. Phenibut HCl is the more popular of the two and is more cost effective; if taste is an issue for you, you can opt for phenibut capsules.

Liftmode Phenibut Powder vs Phenibut Capsules
The second choice you will need to make after phenibut HCl vs FAA is whether you prefer phenibut powder or phenibut capsules. You can scoop the raw phenibut powder into a glass of water and drink it (it’s a sort of sour, somewhat unpleasant taste), or you can purchase it in capsule form and swallow the phenibut capsules down with some water. I vastly prefer the capsule form, as I find it to be much more convenient.

Where Liftmode Phenibut Stands Out
Alright, so the convenience factor is where this Liftmode phenibut review really stands out from the competition for me. More than any competitor site I’ve ever seen, Liftmode offers the most options and variations for anyone looking to buy phenibut online.

  1. Even though I personally use phenibut HCl over phenibut FAA, the fact that they offer phenibut FAA at all deserves some credit. Most websites where you can buy phenibut online only offer phenibut HCl, so having a choice is nice; especially for those who wish to consume phenibut sublingually.
  2. Better yet, they offer both Liftmode phenibut powder and Liftmode phenibut capsules. This is another nice option for people who may have a preference one way or the other.
  3. Best of all, Liftmode offers (by far) the greatest range of options for the quantity of phenibut you can purchase. I mean, seriously. You can buy as little as 5 grams of phenibut (a couple of uses at best), or as much as a 1000 gram tub of phenibut (an absolutely ridiculous amount for anyone).

The sheer variety, in form and quantity, of Liftmode phenibut products alone give it a significant edge on the competition.

Convenience Score: 

liftmode phenibut review image


The price of Liftmode phenibut can vary greatly, as you’d expect due to their massive quantity ranges. I calculated the cost of a handful of their options on a cost per gram basis, and discovered a few general rules of thumb:

  • Phenibut FAA is typically a bit more expensive than Phenibut HCl
  • Higher quantity containers of phenibut will cost less per gram than smaller quantities
  • Phenibut capsules may be slightly more expensive than phenibut powder

Compared to competitor, products, Liftmode phenibut is typically more affordable.

At the time of writing this, 45 grams of Liftmode phenibut costs about $.64/g, whereas 45 grams of phenibut from Nootropics Depot currently costs $.73/g (I used a 45g container for this comparison as it is a pretty standard, average supply of phenibut).

You can find a full list of Liftmode phenibut products here and crunch the numbers yourself if you’d like. Gram for gram, I found the prices of these products to be more competitive than those from other brands.

Price Score: 

Customer Service

Having worked in customer service for years myself, one thing I always appreciate is good customer service. It’s important to me that the company I’m patronizing is trustworthy and reliable. I want to know that if there’s an issue with my order, they’re going to make it right.

liftmode trustpilot score

The first thing that stood out to me was Liftmode’s “Excellent” score on Trustpilot. Having been in business since 2010 and having over 4,000 Trustpilot reviews with a current average of 4.7 out of 5, I know they’re reliable. Best of all, they typically respond to any issues with orders within 24 hours, and always seem eager to resolve the problem.

I myself have never had an issue with a Liftmode product, and my orders have always arrived on time, if not sooner than expected.

Customer Service Score: 


Liftmode phenibut has always worked as advertised for me. The price and sheer variety of their product line make them an easy choice compared to competitors. My experience with Liftmode phenibut has earned them my trust with regard to providing a high-quality product and resolving any customer support issues. I highly recommend Liftmode phenibut for both first-time and regular phenibut users.

Overall Liftmode Phenibut Review Score:

Where to Buy Liftmode Phenibut

Because phenibut is not sold on Amazon, you will almost always have to purchase phenibut online directly through your favorite supplier. I prefer to go through Liftmode for these purchases, and you can see a full list of their phenibut products here. If you've never bought phenibut before and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, I would recommend phenibut HCl 300mg (150 capsules); this is what I usually buy, as it is both cost effective and convenient.

10% Off Liftmode Coupon Code

You may use the Liftmode Coupon Code: DONTPANIC for 10% off of any Liftmode purchase.

Thanks for reading our Liftmode phenibut review!

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