Kava Kava Candy Review – The Stress Relief Candy by Ozia Originals

Kava Kava Candy Review – The Stress Relief Candy by Ozia Originals

Kava Kava Candy is a candy made by Ozia Originals. It comes in orange or ginger-mint flavor, and the candy is primarily marketed as a natural stress relief supplement due to the potent effects of its main active ingredient, kava. In this article, I’ll share my complete and honest kava kava candy review.

Kava Kava Candy can be an excellent option for stress relief, as it works fast and can be taken on-the-go. Due to a small package size and the nature of the product itself, Kava Kava Candy is also more discreet than alternative supplements. It is priced affordably and works well for anyone who typically enjoys kava. 

While this may sound great, Kava Kava Candy may not be the best solution for everyone. Keep reading my full Kava Kava Candy review to decide whether or not you should buy Kava Kava Candy.

But first, let’s quickly discuss some basic information about kava.

Kava Kava Candy Review – The Stress Relief Candy by Ozia Originals

What is Kava?

I’ll assume that most people looking up a kava kava candy review will already know what kava is. For this reason, I’ll be brief. If you should need more information on kava, I recommend reading this article on what kava is.

In short, kava kava, or simply kava, is a plant whose roots are ground up and strained to create a mildly intoxicating, euphoric drink. The tradition of drinking kava both medicinally and recreationally originates from Polynesian Island cultures, but is now gaining popularity in the United States.

People love kava not only for its euphoric benefits, but also for its effect on stress and symptoms of anxiety. The main active ingredient in Kava Kava Candy is kava extract, so it works in much the same way as drinking kava via the traditional method.

Kava Kava Candy Taste

Kava Kava Candy comes in Ginger-Mint flavor, or Orange flavor.

If you’re expecting it to taste like a delicious candy, well… you should set your expectations a bit more reasonably. If you’re expecting it to taste like kava, however, you’re in for a treat.

Anyone who’s drank kava before knows that its earthy, muddy water taste is anything but delicious. One major benefit of Kava Kava Candy is that the taste of the kava extract is partially masked by other flavorings. Now, you can definitely still taste the kava in there, so don’t expect Kava Kava Candy to be your favorite new treat. But, like I said, it’s not as bad as drinking kava straight.

Something worth mentioning is the numbing effect that the candy can have in your mouth. In fact, it says “Tongue-Numbing Sensation” right on the box. If you strongly dislike the mild anesthetic feeling of kava on your lips and tongue, this might not be the best kava option for you. Since it takes a while to dissolve, you’ll likely experience the mild numbness a bit longer than you would if you were to drink kava quickly.

Overall, the taste is good for kava. The numbness might bother some people, but I personally find this to be a minor detail.

*UPDATE - When originally writing this interview, I had only actually tried the Orange flavor. After reading this review, Steve George, the owner of Ozia Originals, very generously sent me a package of the Ginger-Mint flavor. I want to give Steve a shoutout for some fantastic customer service, and now compare the different flavors a bit.

Orange Flavor: This is the more mild of the flavors. In my opinion, you can still taste the kava, but it is sweetened a bit with a mild, pleasant orange flavor. 

Ginger-Mint Flavor: This is the stronger of the flavors, and surprisingly, my new favorite flavor. Because ginger and mint are both such strong flavors, the taste of kava is better masked by the Ginger-Mint kava candies. If you enjoy the strong taste of ginger, this might be the better option for you; if not, you may prefer Orange. 

kava kava candy review

Convenience Factor

Alright, so let’s address the major benefit of Kava Kava Candy.

Kava Kava Candy is, by far, the easiest and most discreet way to consume kava. Whether you’re a regular kava drinker or just trying kava for the first time, popping a piece of candy in your mouth is much easier than brewing your own kava from home.

Better yet, kava kava candy for stress relief is more discreet than any other kava option. After all, what could be more discreet than a small box of candy in your pocket? It’s certainly less obvious than having to measure out and prepare kava in a shaker bottle.

For me, this makes it an excellent option for rapid stress relief on-the-go, or for managing feelings of anxiety at work, etc.

Product Function

Kava Kava Candy is not my product, and I don’t want to make any unsubstantiated claims about its effects on stress or anxiety. All I can tell you is how I use Kava Kava Candy and how it makes me feel.

The kava extract in Kava Kava Candy feels heady, or mildly intoxicating, but doesn’t make me tired like some other kava does. It definitely makes me feel less stressed, and decreases any feelings of anxiety I might be having.

After eating one piece of Kava Kava Candy, I feel some very mild effects from the kava. Personally, however, it takes me a few more pieces (around 4) to get the kava benefits I’m accustomed to, such as euphoria and stress reduction.

If you’re using Kava Kava Candy for the first time, I’d recommend starting with one piece and waiting a bit to assess tolerance. You can slowly work your way up from there to find the “sweet spot” where you’ll likely feel more relaxed and upbeat.

Interestingly, Kava Kava Candy also contains lemon balm and chamomile, ingredients commonly used to decrease stress.

Kava Kava Candy Price

At the time I'm writing this: $13.99 for a 4-pack (32 pieces total).

Since $14 probably wouldn’t get you more than two drinks of kava at a brick-and-mortar kava bar, I’d say that 32 of these candies at that price is a pretty great deal. Better yet, the owner, Steve, set us up with a coupon code for our readers:

Now, granted, you may need more than one Kava Kava Candy to achieve the desired effects. Even so, 4 pieces of candy (if purchased as a 4-pack) will still probably cost just a few dollars. Buying in larger bulk would likely be even cheaper.

Frankly, it seems like a very fair price and great value to me.

Pros and Cons


  • Tastes Better Than Drinking Kava
  • Easiest/Fastest Way to Consume Kava
  • One of the Most Discreet Methods of Stress Relief
  • May Decrease Stress and Symptoms of Anxiety 
  • Very Affordable at around 30 Cents per Piece


  • Numbs the Mouth
  • Still Has Some Kava Taste to it
  • Seems to be a Low Dose (I Personally Need Multiple Pieces for Effects)

The Verdict

Alright, so to wrap up this Kava Kava Candy Review…

If you enjoy Kava, I definitely do recommend giving Kava Kava Candy a try. I'm not sure it's my favorite way to consume kava, as I personally enjoy the fun of brewing and drinking my own kava. However, it’s definitely the most discreet and convenient method of consuming kava. If someone were feeling stressed out at work or on an airplane, this could be an effective, and subtle, solution.

For people who love kava but can’t stand the taste, this might help to hide that taste a bit. But, for people who hate the tongue numbness, this is probably not the way to go.

Either way, it’s definitely a cool and affordable enough product that I can recommend giving it a try to form your own opinion.

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