Intelex Warmies for Anxiety

As children, many of us become attached to a stuffed animal which, for many years, becomes our partner in crime and emotional support pseudo-animal. While we often outgrow ol’ Teddy and leave him to gather dust in the basement, it could actually be worth digging him back up.

The emotional bond and sensory stimulation (e.g., soft fur) of a stuffed animal might be, for some, just as effective as using an emotional support animal for comfort – maybe even better, since you won’t have to worry about picking up its poop in a crowded airport terminal.

If I were going the stuffed animal route for anxiety, I’d go for one of the Intelex Warmies. There are just so many things this product gets right: from the lavender scent to the fact that you can microwave them up for extra warmth and comfort.


P.S. If stuffed animals cramp your style… consider other, more discreet options. As a kid, my younger sister used to carry around a random, dirty shred of fabric that she lovingly referred to as her “Silky.” This, and similar options, could work.

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Years of personal experience with anxiety disorders and panic attacks have led me to devise some pretty creative ways to keep my anxiety in check. In the past, anxiety and panic attacks felt like something I'd have to live with forever. Nowadays, panic attacks are a distant memory for me, and I'm free to pursue passions like writing and traveling the world. Hopefully, the information on this website can help you achieve the same. I do all the writing here myself, so don't hesitate to reach out with questions!

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