Crystals for Anxiety: Do They Work?

Crystals for Anxiety: Do They Work?

Many people hope to use crystals for anxiety relief. Some believe crystals have the power to heal and protect; having been said to tap into and release energy from the body. But before you buy a crystal, let's explore whether or not crystals for anxiety actually work.

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that crystals can help with anxiety or stress. However, people who are truly convinced that crystals possess healing energy may still benefit from the placebo effect. It’s also possible that the natural beauty of crystals could be soothing to some people.  

I can already sense I’ve made some readers very upset with this answer.

But wait, I may still have some good news for you.

Crystals may actually hold some power over certain people!

Keep reading to find out if you’re one of those people, as well as for some alternative methods to relieve stress and anxiety!

Is There Proof That Crystals for Anxiety Work?

Looking for proof that crystals work for anxiety?

First, we need to look at science.

As it turns out, research does not support the idea that crystals can help with anxiety; or with any other ailments for that matter.

A study in 1999 had 80 volunteers carry around either a real or fake crystal. Of these 80 volunteers, six participants reported feeling no change. The remaining 74 volunteers reported feeling a change in energy. This means the fake crystals were just as effective as the real crystals; the placebo effect at work! [1]

I’ll give my hippy friends a moment to bounce back from that disappointing bit of news…

All good?

Okay, now, the good news is… If you don’t believe the research and are still convinced that crystals work for anxiety and other ailments: They actually might help you a bit!

Due to the placebo effect, people who believe that crystals have natural healing power tend to have a better response to crystals than those who don’t believe in them. [2]

Additionally, some people may feel soothed and relaxed by crystals simply due to their natural aesthetic beauty.

do crystals have healing powers
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How to Use Healing Crystals for Anxiety

While crystals should not be used as a treatment for any mental health condition, they may provide support for some people when combined with treatments like therapy.

Here’s how people use healing crystals for anxiety and other conditions:

  • They incorporate crystals into their jewelry or home décor
  • They hold crystals close to them or carry them around throughout the day
  • They place crystals on themselves at various points across the body
  • They use crystals as a focus object while meditating or to keep them grounded
how to use crystals for anxiety

The Benefits and Risks of Using Crystals for Anxiety Relief

Research doesn’t support the idea that crystals have a direct and measurable impact on our well-being. However, there are still some benefits and risks of using crystals for anxiety relief.

The Benefits of Using Crystals for Anxiety Relief
  • Crystals can be combined with grounding techniques or meditation
  • The placebo effect can make using crystals “better than nothing”
  • They can be naturally soothing to some people due to aesthetic beauty
The Risks of Using Crystals for Anxiety Relief
  • Crystals are not regulated by the FDA and may contain toxic metals like lead
  • They may distract people from seeking more effective treatment methods
  • They can be a waste of money for people seeking legitimate solutions
  • People may call you a “hippy” and stop inviting you to social functions 

Best Crystals for Stress and Anxiety

According to crystal experts, these are the best crystals for stress and anxiety:

  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Celestite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Moonstone
  • Opalite
  • Howlite

It’s important to note that there does not seem to be any scientific reasoning behind which stones are associated with which remedies. Most online users of crystals seem to recommend “going by feeling” when shopping for crystals.

To test different healing crystals for anxiety and see how they affect you, a variety box like this one is probably your best bet.

Alternatives to Crystals: How to Beat Anxiety?

You may decide that crystals are not the anxiety solution for you (a fair and logical conclusion).

Some alternatives to crystals for panic and anxiety relief include:

  • Psychotherapy (either traditional in-office or online)
  • Anxiety supplements (there are plenty of herbal options that work great)
  • Don’t Panic, Do This! (my book, with 100+ coping mechanisms for panic and anxiety)

I’m partial to my own book, but I’m sure whatever you decide will be great!


[1] French, C. C., & Williams, L. (1999). Crystal clear: Paranormal powers, placebo, or priming? Sixth European Congress of Psychology, Rome, 4-9 July 1999.

[2] Lasagna L, Mosteller F, Von Felsinger JM, Beecher HK. A study of the placebo response. Am J Med. 1954 Jun;16(6):770-9. doi: 10.1016/0002-9343(54)90441-6. PMID: 13158365.

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